Caitlin Kelly

Writer and Editor




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  In my 25-year career, I've won five fellowships and one (so far!) National Magazine Award. My first fellowship, Journalists in Europe, which I won in 1982, was the greatest experience of my life. From a field of more than 200 bilingual applicants worldwide, I was one of 28 journalists from 19 countries - from Togo to New Zealand, Japan to Italy - chosen to spend eight months living in Paris and travelling, alone, on 10-day reporting trips. It was scary, exhausting, disorienting, extraordinary. I wrote about squatters in Paris, London and Amsterdam; about the Royal Danish Ballet; about the siting of SS-20 Cruise missiles in Sicily. And I rode eight days in a truck with a French trucker from Perpignan to Istanbul to describe the haphazard effects of harmonization in the European trucking industry.

I've since won three fellowships from the Knight Center for Specialized Journalism at the University of College Park, Maryland. These intense four to five-day seminars offer a crash-course in certain issues. The first was on nuclear proliferation - and Carson Mark, one of the key figures at Los Alamos showed us on a blackboard how to make an atomic weapon. The second was on the business of sports, which has since helped me understand and cover sports for The New York Times, Penthouse, BusinessWeek and others. The third, in September 2001, was on The New Workplace, examining the complex social, political and economic forces changing how, where and why we work as we do.

My 1998 National Magazine Award, for the story on my site "Yak Attack", was a bittersweet victory - a humor award for a story about my divorce! I was thrilled to be the only woman amongst the seven finalists.