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  Can J.Crew Reclaim Shoppers? Not With This Catalog
Forbes : October 18, 2016
  I've always looked forward to getting J.Crew catalogs, with their cheeky humor, quality fabrics and bright colors, a brand that once received tremendous adulation for...
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  Seven Tips For Great Customer Experience -- From The Bronx
Forbes : September 14, 2016
  I'd never made the journey, all of 30 minutes from my home by car, to a street I'd heard about for years. For anyone living near New York City, Arthur Avenue, in the Bronx, is legendary for...
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  Aritzia, Canadian Fashion Retailer, Files IPO
Forbes : August 22, 2016
  If you don't yet know Aritzia, it's likely your wife, daughter or girlfriend does. The 30-year-old Canadian company -- based in Vancouver with 75 stores, 16 in the United States and a growing on-line presence -- has managed to ...
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  Your Money: How to launch a deserving student with a scholarship
Reuters : July 18, 2016
  Have a pen and several thousand dollars? It is as easy as that in most cases to fund a college scholarship and help some deserving student bridge the gap between aspiration and...
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  Your Money: Money-smart gifts for college grads
Reuters : May 9, 2016
  For college graduates entering a challenging job market, some of whom are carrying tremendous student loan debt, any gift to help them better manage their money is both practical and...
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  Stop Threatening to Move to Canada: Or at Least Learn These Things before You Do
Salon : March 13, 2016
  If the growing prospect of President Trump scares the shit out of you, Canada might be looking like a nice cozy bolthole right about now. But its not just...
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  The Dog Days Can Be Deadly for Dogs
The New York Times : August 13, 2015
  When my friend's husband recently headed out for a five-mile run with his 2-year-old Border terrier, Angus, with plenty of water and a collapsible bowl in tow, he never expected...
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  Pursuing Perfection in Fort Worth
Our Minutes by Tourneau : February 2015
  Sweaters are out - a stray fiber might clog a timepiece's delicate movement. So are street shoes, bringing with them their inevitable residue of dust and dirt....
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  London Calling: Shopping Vintage in Burlington Arcade
Our Minutes by Tourneau : February 2015
  When it comes to shopping for vintage watches, few cities offer such variety as London. In addition to the various antiques centers like Grays Antiques Market, Alfie's Antiques Market and...
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  Do You Have This Crucial Financial Letter?
Investopedia : June 4, 2014
  Most people know they need to make a will, but there's another essential document you should also create and update every quarter...
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  How 7 Days in Nicaragua Changed Me
Rewire Me : April 24, 2014
  In the poorest part of a very poor country, one woman learns the meaning of wealth...
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  Yes, the IRS will negotiate, but you probably won't like the outcome...
Quartz : April 15, 2014
  It happened to us on October 14, 2013 when our accountant called and asked us what the hell we had done. We owed the IRS an additional $6,000. Due immediatel....
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  Exhibitors Up 17 Percent at Première Vision Preview New York
California Apparel News : January 17, 2014
  Designers lined up in the cold, eager for the doors to open, as Première Vision New York and Indigo New York showed the work of textile and accessories designers from 15 countries, including Turkey, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom...
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  Want a job? Better make the grade : July 18, 2013
  I hadn't taken a test in decades. Now I was being timed on my potential creativity. Like thousands of others worldwide who are now being told to take a test - or several - before being interviewed or selected as a finalist for a job, I faced...
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  Kitchen Chandeliers, Pendants, and Under-Cabinet Lighting
DIY Network
  The perfect lighting is a must-have ingredient for creating a beautiful kitchen...
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  New York's Best Spaces for Modern Industrial Design : July 13, 2012
  Today's urban designers are loving this rough, raw, down-to-earth aesthetic. Peek inside New York's hottest rustic, modern industrial restaurants, hotels and stores....
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  My Brand-New Hip: A Personal Tale : June 13, 2012
  Things aren't good when your 83-year-old father has more energy and stamina than you do. An athletic and highly active person since childhood - whose activities included jazz dance, softball, horseback riding, cycling and sailboat racing - I found my life shrinking...
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  My Story: Is Anterior Hip Replacement a Better Option for the Middle-Aged?
healthymagination : April 12, 2012
  When it became clear that, at 54, I needed a full left hip replacement, I was a little nervous. After telling my surgeon what an active life I normally lead - playing softball, taking jazz dance classes and cycling are a few of my activities...
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  Can Silence Enhance Health?
healthymagination : April 2, 2012
  It's hard to imagine how noisy daily life is until you withdraw into total silence. The hissing of a radiator, the distant rumble of traffic or drone of passing aircraft, the pings and beeps of cell phones, computer messages and elevators all create a baseline so unremarkable we never stop to consider the physical stress....
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  The Real Cost of Those Black Friday Deals
Reuters : November 24, 2011
  Americans shop. It's what we do. It's who we are. We're still an economy powered by consumer spending - 70 percent of it, in fact. It's an article of faith, for some, that annual Thanksgiving celebrations not only include turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, but lining up...
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  Why Retail Workers (Like Me) Drive Customer Experience
Harvard Business Review : April 22, 2011
  Elbows out, adrenaline pumping, they line up by the thousands, aquiver with the thrill of the chase. Their focus is absolute, their aim impeccable, their arms powerful...
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