I’ve been part of journalism since childhood – this fun photo of me (on the right in stripes, age 8) was part of a magazine story about kids cooking. We had been ordered to have a flour fight. Sanctioned mischief!

I’ve used my cross-cultural fluency as a consultant with Berlitz, training senior executives moving between Canada and the United States. I was one of 28 journalists from 19 nations sharing an eight-month Paris-based fellowship. While working in a multi-national team with WaterAid in Nicaragua, we reported in Spanish, English and Miskitu.

As a staff reporter, I have produced front-page exclusives for The Globe and Mail, the Montreal Gazette and the New York Daily News.

I now write frequently for The New York Times, where my stories have earned a spot on their most-emailed lists. I also won a Canadian National Magazine Award for humor, and a Hillman award nomination for my book about retail work, given for “journalism in the service of the common good.”

A graduate of the University of Toronto, I live in Tarrytown, New York with my husband, Jose R. Lopez, a Pulitzer Prize winning photo editor and former New York Times White House Press Corps photographer.

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