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My Unintentional Career in Retail
Malled 240pp (2011)

Blown Away 324pp (2004)


You need a story told --- quickly, accurately and with style, sophistication and depth. You want to connect your brand, product, service or organization to readers in a way that moves them to action. You seek someone reliable, versatile, accurate, fun to work with - and able to help you and your team craft and deliver messages that resonate. I can help!

I'm a former staff reporter for three major daily newspapers, a National Magazine Award winner and a regular freelance contributor to The New York Times. I use my sophisticated skills and broad experience to quickly and efficiently translate complex issues into compelling, memorable stories readers easily relate to, comment on and share through social media. A world traveler for work and pleasure, from Fiji to Tanzania, speaking three languages and having lived in five countries, I bring a global perspective and thought process to every project.

Like this one, for The New York Times, about how turbulent flights cost airlines time and money and what they're doing to prevent them. Or this one, an exclusive, also for The New York Times, about how Google decided to teach its driven young employees how to slow down and meditate. Or my first piece for Salon, a tart-tongued essay about why Americans thinking they'll move to Canada might need to learn a bit about the place first.

My multi-topic blog,, has more than 16,000 followers and grows daily. Let me help you craft digital stories that engage, enlighten and delight.

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Please call me in New York at 914-332-6065 or email me at [email protected].

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