PR Strategy

The conversation was very helpful and I took away many great points that will definitely be useful. It was great to get your insider insights on the industry and best practices for pitching”

--- Daniel Malak, Motionloft, tech firm, San Francisco, CA

As a journalist, I receive dozens of pitches every day, yet delete 99.9 percent of them unread. Sadly, they’re too often vague, overpromising, too long, too short.

Most essentially, they’re sent out by people who seem to have no true idea what busy journalists need most. They’re wasting their time, and their clients’ hard-earned money.

Here’s how I can help:

Working with individuals and teams, in person and remotely, I review and critique your press release and help you determine what to pitch, to whom, when and why.

I’ll frankly answer your candid questions about how journalists, producers and editors decide what’s really a story – and what isn’t.

I charge $400/hour, payable in advance via PayPal -- and have helped clients win coverage in The New York Times, the 19th and TIME magazine, among others.

Let's Get to work!



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