PR Strategy

"Caitlin did a valuable and relevant presentation for our team on how to effectively engage media and the landmines to avoid. Her blend of candor, humor and real-life stories from the front lines as a journalist made it a strong learning experience for everyone at Inspire."

– Hinda Mitchell, President, Inspire PR Group, Columbus, Ohio 2022

As a journalist, I’ve read hundreds of pitches – sadly, too many are vague, overpromising, too long, too short.

Busy journalists need only short, smart targeted pitches!

Here’s how I can help:

Working with individuals and teams, in person and remotely, I review and critique your press releases and will help you determine what to pitch, to whom, when and why.

I’ll frankly answer your candid questions about how journalists, producers and editors decide what’s really a story – and what isn’t.

I charge $600/hour, (this includes an hour of my pre-meeting preparation), payable in advance via Zelle or wire transfer. I've helped clients win coverage in The New York Times, the 19th and TIME magazine, among others. My most recent repeat client is global PR firm Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry which focuses on B to B technology.

Whatever your medium of communication, I can help you sharpen your message!

Let's Get to work!



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