"Caitlin went above and beyond in every way...offering strategies for how to brainstorm and organize months of reporting into a coherent, engaging piece.  

She understood the complexity of the issue on which I was reporting and talked through ways to build upon my original ideas and introduce new ones.

She brought expertise and valuable insight and introduced questions the audience would want answered. To this day, I implement strategies I learned through my coaching sessions with Caitlin each time I begin writing a new story.  

She treated me as an equal, rather than a student or a beginning-level journalist. I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to work with Caitlin again in the future."


I love coaching! Working with adults is deeply satisfying, as writing --- deceptively! – can appear easy.

It isn’t.

Students have come to me for help from across the globe, from New Zealand, Romania, Singapore, Germany and many others, seeking direct, practical feedback on their ideas, their writing, their pitches, their book proposals and more.

Even when they’ve arrived with no prior journalism experience, I’ve coached them to publication in The Guardian, The New York Times, and other major outlets.

As a career journalist and author, as someone who’s been trained by some of the world’s toughest and smartest editors, I bring a frank, helpful eye and ear to my students’ needs and concerns. No matter their level of expertise or experience, I help them move forward.

I charge $250/hour, payable in advance via PayPal, with a one-hour minimum. I can answer a wide range of your concerns and questions, from career strategy to reading and offering helpful feedback on an essay or pitch. Whether you're just starting out, or -- like some of my clients -- are a multiply published journalist and/or author -- I'm happy to offer insight and practical guidance.

Details here.

"During our coaching sessions, Caitlin shared valuable insights and answered my questions with wisdom, candor and enthusiasm. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any writer seeking guidance on the basics of journalism or the mechanics of freelancing."

--- Kelly Davis, writer and editor 


"If you're still hesitating about hiring Caitlin, Don't!  I'm new to the public relations world, so I wanted to learn PR strategies from a writer. Caitlin's class was definitely one of the smartest investments I could have made to grow my career.  In one hour, I learned from her more than I did in a six-month internship. She is the real deal!"

-- Cecilia Burgos, New York City


"Two things stuck with me..."I think this is what actual mentoring sounds like." And in the back of my mind I was turning over angles and dimensions of different stories, and getting excited to go back and apply stuff. And those are both very different responses from previous coaching sessions which left me confused and cranky about time wasted."

-- CHRISTA Miller, freelance writer


“I learned things that can help me become a better writer and a better journalist, as well as hard-earned advice about navigating the practical landmines of being a freelancer today. I prize every session I've taken with you. Thanks for your sharp observations and sincere encouragement.”


Let's Get to work!



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