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Turbo-charge your writing career

Want to write for top publications?  •  Want bylines noticed by NY agents & editors?  •  Want to know how the pros do it?

Let my 90-minute webinars teach you how to research, report, and write like a rock star. You'll receive valuable, real-world tips you can start using right away! You'll learn from my 20 years' experience, and learn how to pitch and sell your work. Industry's most demanding editors need smart, accurate, well-written copy. My webinars will help you hone it and grab their attention!

Go from just hopeful to just published

Insider tips  •  The do's and don'ts of submitting  •  Self-marketing  •  Research techniques  •  Better blogging

In addition to my journalistic skills, you'll get an all-access pass to my experience as a published author to help you sell your non-fiction book or book proposal. You write it. I'll help you sell it. Scroll down to find your webinar today!

What clients are saying

By any metric, Caitlin soars as a teacher, especially her sincerity and kindness… Caitlin embodies that - with the experiences she can share, the skills she can teach, and lives she can change.
-- Amer Taleb

Caitlin is an exemplary mentor and teacher… shares her experience and knowledge readily, offering real, pertinent information and how to use it… to develop the wide array of skills and instincts they will need to succeed in any area.
-- Cadence Woodland

As a journalist with only a few years experience, I appreciated her willingness to share her expertise and experiential wisdom. If you have a chance to take a class with her, don't hesitate. Great value.
-- Lisa Hall-Wilson

Why my webinars?

Multi-Genre Experience
  • International
  • Domestic
  • Entertainment
  • In depth articles
  • Hard-hitting reporting
  • Consistent daily growth
  • High-volume following
  • Freshly Pressed
  • 'Best daily posts'
Award-Winning Writing
  • Canadian National Magazine award for humor
  • 5 Journalism fellowships
  • New York Times
  • Wall Street Journal
  • The Washington Post
  • The Globe and Mail
  • USA Today
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Glamour
  • Smithsonian
  • Marie Claire
  • More
  • Town and Country
Feature Writer/Reporter
  • New York Daily News
  • The Globe and Mail
  • Montreal Gazette
Published Author
  • Malled (2011)
    • With her… reporter's eye, Caitlin Kelly has written a rollicking and riveting account of life on the other side of the cash register.
      Meryl Gordon
    • Malled reminds us all that the people minding the store are just that: people.
      Isadore Sharp
      Founder/Chairman, Four Seasons Hotels
  • Blown Away (2004)
    • Groundbreaking and invaluable
Former Journalism Professor
  • New York University
  • Pace University

Choose your webinar

All webinars are 90 minutes and cost $125 per webinar payable via PayPal.

Schedule your webinar with me at a mutually convenient time.

Blogging Better

  • Boost reader engagement with visuals
  • Increase traffic
  • Learn what readers want most
  • Develop your voice
  • Thinking like an editor (it's crucial)
  • Slow down to raise your game

You, Inc.: The Business of Freelancing

  • Effective time management
  • Setting prices
  • Client negotiations
  • Recovering non-payments
  • Spotting troublesome clients (and how to avoid them)
  • Helpful sites, books, listservs, writers' groups, and conferences

Saturday, May 10th, 1 pm - 2:30 pm ET

Learning to Think Like a Reporter

  • Why skepticism matters
  • Write 1,000 words per hour
  • Choosing sources
  • Managing PR gatekeepers
  • Structuring your story for maximum impact
  • Ignoring the pack

Saturday, May 10th, 4 pm - 5:30 pm ET

Conducting the Kick-Ass Interview

  • The one question you must ask every time
  • When (and how) to ask the toughest questions
  • How to get the shyest teen or toughest CEO to open up to you
  • When to tape record and when to take notes

Saturday, May 17th, 10 am - 11:30 am ET

Crafting the Personal Essay

  • Using your experiences to connect deeply with readers
  • Grabbing and keeping an editor's attention
  • Appropriate/inappropriate disclosure
  • Blending the personal and the universal
  • The importance of tone

Saturday, May 17th, 1 pm - 2:30 pm ET

Finding and Developing Story Ideas

  • Find the hottest-selling story ideas
  • Learn to spot multiple angles in one idea
  • Learn which genre is best for you
    (profile, feature, FOB, Q & A, etc.)
  • Crafting your pitch
  • Determine your story's marketability
  • Pitching your story
  • Balance and organize your research

Saturday, May 17th, 4 pm - 5:30 pm ET

Individual Coaching

I also offer individual coaching, by phone, Skype, or email - 60 minute, one-on-one sessions. Please contact me below.