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Do you want to communicate effectively with large audiences? Turn even the most complicated ideas into compelling copy?

Are you struggling with your writing - an op-ed, a college essay, your thesis, your direct mail, marketing materials, or website? A former writing instructor at New York University I've taught hundreds of adults. I'll help you produce - or coach you and your staff to produce - clear, lively, compelling copy.

I can also help you refine and tailor your public relations and marketing messages to cut through the clutter.

Former clients include:
The Consulate-General of New York
The New York School of Interior Design
Teikyo Post University
Syracuse University
Best-selling author Ulrich Boser, author of "The Gardner Heist" (Harper Collins, 2009)

"From the first time I spoke to Caitlin, I knew she would be a patient, dedicated mentor. I also worked with Caitlin on her first book, 'Blown Away: American Women and Guns', as a researcher. It was great to have a collaborative relationship with her."

-- Elaine Heinzman, Washington, D.C.
Producer, Weekend All Things Considered, NPR

"Thanks so much for the great coaching session. It really improved my query for my memoir 'Replacement Child.' In fact, there has been some interest from agents as a result. I can't thank you enough for your advice."

-- Judy L. Mandel, Connecticut
Owner, Mandel Associates

"I got in touch with Caitlin to copy-edit a sample chapter of my autobiography 'Permanent Ghosts' and was impressed by Caitlin's speed of response and quality of feedback. First, I received a detailed message outlining her opinions on content and found her observations to be insightful. Next, I received a hard copy of my chapter with her comments. These included English corrections as well as hints on themes that could be expanded. In short, I had the input needed to revise my chapter. I can recommend Caitlin to prospective writers who need not only copy-editing but also critical feedback on how to improve content."

-- Nitin Shankar, Geneva, Switzerland
Retired Businessman

"To all her writing, she brings a freshness of approach, a deep curiosity and the ability to write objectively. I can't recommend her writing highly enough."

-- Jack Kapica, Toronto, Canada
Former Editor and Staff Colleague, The Globe and Mail

"I interned for Caitlin in 2002, and she was a wonderful manager and mentor. Caitlin is passionate about her work and I learned a lot from her dedication and expertise. On top of that, she is a lovely person and always pleasant to work with!"

-- Rachel Markowitz, New York, New York
Publishing Industry Assistant

"Caitlin came highly recommended to me through another writer. She became a mentor early in my career, and she immediately offered useful insights and help on my writing projects. Her advice was always practical, tangible, and welcomed. Caitlin's sincere desire to guide me was invaluable for my career."

-- Lisa Palmer, Annapolis, Maryland
Independent Journalist

"I've known Caitlin for several years and can highly recommend her for any writing or editing assignment. Her depth of knowledge and experience as well as her reporting and writing skills result in the highest quality of work every time."

-- Deborah Wilburn, New York, New York

"I highly recommend Caitlin. She finds sources quickly and asks precisely the right questions in order to uncover the story. The best part about working with Caitlin is that she is so personable, knowledgeable and has quite a sense of humor. I would jump at the chance to work with her again."

-- Alexandre Garrett, Denver, Colorado
Owner, Pitch110, Public Relations

"Caitlin's coaching and editing made a huge difference in an article I wanted to get "just right". Her spot-on feedback, creative encouragement, and high standards of excellence provided much-needed focus and inspiration throughout the process. With tight turn-around times, and an understanding of my overall goal, she helped me make the article a thousand times better. She's a great resource for coaching on the writing process and a really great writer, too; her own writing showcases her flair and impeccable ability to connect to her audience. She's a true professional at her craft and it was a pleasure to work with her."

-- Kathy Robinson, Boston, Massachusetts
Career Coach, The Turning Point

"When I recently finished a draft of a book about art theft, Caitlin was one of the first people that I sent a copy. She read over the manuscript carefully and gave me a wealth of helpful feedback. She discussed ways to improve the narrative; she provided detailed notes on word choice and logic. She gave perfect advice --- and vastly improved the scope and substance of the book."

-- Ulrich Boser, Washington, D.C.
Best-selling Author, "The Gardiner Heist" (Harper Collins 2009)