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My Unintentional Career in Retail
Malled 240pp (2011)

Blown Away 324pp (2004)


Telling your story in a noisy world means that today's most precious global resource isn't oil, gold or rare earth metals.

It's attention.

As a National Magazine Award winner, and two-time non-fiction author, I'm adept at engaging busy and sophisticated readers of demanding clients like The New York Times, Smithsonian, More, and Marie Claire for more than 20 years. My digital portfolio includes Quartz, Rewireme, Investopedia, FierceBigData and BBC Capital. A former reporter for three major dailies, I combine old-school journalistic values - accuracy, timelinesss, diverse points of view, nuanced and detailed on-the-ground reporting - with the wit and style of digital natives; several of my Times stories were among that day’s most-read and most-emailed.

I'm a generalist most interested in covering business, design and social issues - and versatile and curious enough to tackle topics from personal finance to predictive analytics.

Beyond journalism, I tell stories for people who need compelling narratives. When the world's oldest water-focused charity, WaterAid, wanted to better explain how their work changes lives through improved sanitation, I was chosen to join a small multi-media team for a week in coastal Nicaragua; working in Spanish and in Miskitu, I produced three powerful examples of their efficacy.

I seek clients who value the sophisticated multiple skills of a culturally-fluent veteran communicator.

In 2014-15, I taught writing and blogging at Pratt Institute and showed designers at the New York School of Interior Design in Manhattan how to write effectively about their projects. For an hourly rate of $225, I frequently privately coach writers, from London to Singapore, by phone and Skype, one of whom landed her first major assignment within hours of our session. My practical and affordable 90-minute webinars focus on six themes, from finding and developing ideas to running a freelance business.

And the readership of my lively multi-topic blog grows daily, with more than 15,000 followers worldwide.

Travel this year, for work and pleasure, has taken me to Paris, London, Dublin, Donegal, Maine, rural Ontario and Toronto. I speak fluent French and Spanish, able to work easily in other languages, countries and cultures.

Let's talk! Please find me in New York at 914-332-6065 or at [email protected]

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