"Frank, funny, fascinating, and heartwarming, Caitlin’s talk was part PR coaching session, part incisive examination of a journalism industry in turmoil. Drawing candidly from an extraordinary career, she brought us into a journalist’s world…Understanding how great journalists build relationships, filter leads, research, and sell their stories was immensely valuable to the entrepreneurs and PR professionals at the session, evidenced by attendees staying back hours to seek her guidance. Minute for minute, Caitlin’s session was the most valuable time I spent at the conference."

    --- Jonathan Moneta, makelab.com, Toronto, Fireside conference 2019


"Caitlin was amazing to work with. It was the first time we had a writer speak – and I almost fell over when I saw how packed the room was. The energy of the participants at the end of the session as well as the feedback made me quickly realize we had partnered with not only a well-respected journalist, but a fantastic leader. I highly recommend having Caitlin be a part of any program.  Not only will she make you laugh every step of the way , she will present a workshop full of information that is incredibly useful."

      --- Michelle McLoughin, conference chair, Northern Short Course, 2019


"Caitlin is as disciplined and informative in her speaking style as she is in her coaching style. She breaks down her main themes and gives you pointed information to help you, all in a way that's so organized it feels like she's taking your notes for you. As she gave her ASJA lecture on getting into the New York Times I felt the attendees in the room start to gain confidence and feel like a long-held dream was attainable; the mark of a good coach."

      --- Giulia Pines, New York writer and content marketer, ASJA conference, 2018, 2019

Does your event need a terrific speaker – so lively and relatable that listeners line up afterwards to connect with them even more deeply?

That’s what I do.

The University of Minnesota invited me as a keynote to speak to their retail students. The Retail Customer Experience annual conference, filled with some of the industry’s top executives, asked me to share my insights. I’ve also spoken many times, sometimes to standing-room-only crowds, at the annual conference of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, helping my peers acquire new skills. I’ve also addressed fellow alumni of the University of Toronto and have guest lectured at the Newmark School of Journalism in New York City. 

Speaking at Fireside, an annual off-grid conference in northern Ontario of founders, start-ups, VCs and innovative multi-disciplinary thinkers from around the world, I helped them better understand what makes their own story truly compelling, with essential elements like drama, conflict, characters, suspense and surprise.



Some subjects I can share with your audience:

Reinvention. How to survive and thrive, even during times of chaos and confusion, as I have, being treated for breast cancer while running my own writing and coaching business in the highly world competitive New York media.

Storytelling. You’ve got a great brand, service or product, but how well are you telling its story? As a skilled career storyteller for the largest media brands, like The New York Times, Conde Nast and Hearst, I can help your organization discern, create and share your most compelling stories.

Let's Get to work!



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